Flawless Annenberberg Diamond Sold by Christies

Christie’s auction house has sold the flawless Annenberg Diamond at a multi-million dollar auction this month. This beautiful marquise cut 32 carat diamond sold for more than seven and half million dollars to an anonymous bidder.

Annenberg diamond
Annenberg diamond

This exquisite stone is set in a ring created by David Webb, and was one of many precious stones that made for a great day of fine jewelry auctions for Christie’s. Selling for than 45 million dollars worth of precious diamonds and fine jewelry made the auctioneers say. “it was as if the recession never happened.”

Info found at Antiques and the arts web site.

Aunt Evelyn's Diamonds

My favorite Aunt, Ms Evelyn Ewers was my inspiration growing up, and her beautiful diamond collect has me a little green with envy. I really want to acquire such a beautiful collection of diamonds as my life progresses. I see them as a great investment, yet she sees them as a necessary ingredient to have accessories for every occasion.

I know she simply says that to remain modest, but certain with all the loose stones she has acquired from around the world, she sees them as an investment. Perhaps it’s a great way to leave something for the grand kids, or maybe she has just been lazy about getting them into settings. I don’t know, but I am hoping to have such a great collection of valuable precious stones in the coming years!

Diamonds make everything better

Diamonds seem to make everything better. Whether it’s a diamond pendant that turns a great dress into a stunning outfit, or some small diamonds surrounding a ruby or sapphire ring to add some bling, diamonds work to improve everything it seems.

Diamonds can be used to make a bad week brighter, and certainly help in repairing a tough relationship! I love the way bright radiant stones can make your whole appearance light up, having diamond studded earrings will certainly draw some attention and add some flair. I have found that having great sparkling earrings make hair, eyes and smiles seem to shine just a bit more than they would without them.

Diamonds are even used to make some tools and sawblades better, so this year, I am putting shiny rocks on my wish list, and hoping they will make me feel and look better for years!

Blue diamond sells for 1.32 million per carat

A rare blue diamond sold for almost 8 million dollars in Honk Kong this week. It was a flawless


blue diamond weighing 6.04 carats sold for 7.98 million dollars to a London based jeweler, Moussaieff Jewellers. An auction held by Sotheby’s fetched one of the highest prices per carat for any diamond in the world, US$1.32 million per carat.

diamond has an esteemed cut and “fancy vivid blue” hue, which brought up the value, getting for than 10 times the price per carat of on average white diamond.

Info found via Reuters new story

Diamonds are a girl's best friend

We know it’s real, and that we really mean something to someone when we get diamonds. Even simple diamond earrings say a lot. Diamond necklaces – great! Diamond rings and watches definitely make a statement.

Diamonds are a great way for us to show others that someone cares about us. Diamonds say a lot, and keep one shouting that message day after day they are worn.